Car Specification

Make: Jaguar
Model: Mark 2 - 2.4
Engine: 2.4 litre
Reg. No: 248 RPA
Date of Reg: 5th July 1960
Odometer: 79,460
M.O.T: 7th June 2006
Colour: Jaguar Regency Red
Chassis No.: 102827DN
Engine No.: BG4462.8

The car was Jaguar's small saloon, of the time, and benefits from DeNormanville overdrive and disc brakes. It reputably generates 120 bhp and has a top speed of around 120 mph.

The current registration plate was originally issued by Surrey County Council and the current V5 records 8 keepers.

The model was introduced in 1959 and continued in production until 1967. Over 25,000 were made of this model out of 80,000 Mark II’s.

The car has retained all reference to the series including the non-standard vinyl roof and a special bracket across the front of the chassis which was used during filming to allow the occupants of the car to be filmed through the windscreen from a pick-up truck mounted camera.